our Handmade Jewelry Inspiration

The roots of our nautical Boutique jewelry lines

Our women's and children's jewelry are inspired by the ocean and created by us, Sarah and Eva... two women inspired to help other women and girls love being pretty! Oh and we love the ocean too lending our designs to be nautical by nature. When Sarah was 12 years old, she used to spend her summers sitting on the docks of Nantucket, waiting for the yachts and sailboats to arrive so she could sell her hand-beaded necklaces out of a wicker basket. She’d often return home with an empty basket and a full wallet, and from there, her passion for jewelry design consistently swelled. Eva, the other half of Love of Pretty, boasts a background in hospitality. Her love for helping others look and feel their best, as well as her love for accessory design, makes her the perfect business partner. We understand that it’s important to your sanity to breathe energy back into your wardrobe (and often!) but that doesn’t always have to mean constantly updating your closet with new outfits. Instead, the ladies of Love of Pretty want to help you satisfy your fashion fix and bring your favorite outfits to life with our resort-inspired pieces. Whether you’re looking for a breezy statement necklace to complement your go-to little black dress or you’re in the mood to jazz up a deflated jeans-and-t-shirt ensemble with a handmade pair of earrings, we can help. Everything we craft at Love of Pretty is made with only the finest, hand-picked materials and the utmost care because we’re thrilled to turn our passion into our work. We love that as female entrepreneurs we can inspire and assist other women and girls to feel their best!  With Love, Sarah and Eva

Our Designer Jewelry

Our ocean inspired pieces are known to define a vision of color, confidence, and bringing your favorite outfits to life! Our materials include gold, silver, and natural wood. So whether you are home, traveling, going out to a cocktail party or heading out for a day on the water, these are the perfect pieces for you! Our girls' line is perfect for the joyful girls in your life looking for a fun, pretty, and special accessory too!